Packaging Design

Role: Designer (solo)

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Mobile App • Celltrion SafeKey

My Roles: UI/UX Design Lead  • Design Director • UI Co-Designer

Other Credits: Screen designs co-designed by Carla Capriles. Illustrations by Akriti Agarwal. 3D mockups by Manjinder Singh.

Replanning the App's Flow.
Celltrion SafeKey

Celltrion SafeKey is the official companion app for the Celltrion Diatrust™ COVID-19 Ag Home Test.
This app guides users through the test process and helps them report the results according to federal, state, and local regulation.

Entering the app.

In the new update, the app is usable for both the Home Test (14+ years) and the Home Test for Kids (2-13+ years). After test type selection, the user is taken to the relevant flow.

Test Device

Each test device comes with its own unique QR code and serial number. The user is able to proceed with the test sequence once the test device is verified. The app will prevent the user from taking the test if the test device is expired, or has already been used. 

Testing with Symptoms

The user is shown illustrations for the components needed for testing. With the new update, users will be able to store profiles and reduce time inputting their personal information

Due to the high accuracy rate, the DiaTrust home test is unique in that it allows users to take only a single test (as opposed to the recommended two) when the user shows symptoms of COVID-19. The app indicates this and suggests the recommended number of tests based on the users inputted symptoms.

An animated step-by-step guide.

Utilizing animations, the app breaks down each step into easy-to-follow directions for the test. The screens below are specific to the pediatric usage flow, where the adults perform the test on children.

A 15-minute wait until the result.

Unique to other COVID-19 mobile apps, SafeKey explains how the test works in order to provide the user clarity and transparency. This is shown in a slideshow along with other crucial information during the 15-minute timer screen. Through this, the user is able to swiftly understand the test without being disrupted during the testing process itself.

Confirming the Result.

Many users in usability studies express confusion around reading the line results on the test device. This app shows all possible results from the start in which the user could choose from. There are many cases in which the 'T line' is faint, which makes users question if it is a valid line or not. As a frequent concern, the app shows  a clickable help icon stating 'The line is really faint, what should I do?'. Upon clicking the user is guided on how to clearly confirm their line result. After their selection, the user is also given a confirmation popup to check if the selected result is correct. They are also once more guided about reading faint lines to prevent as much false results as possible. 

What Next?

The user gets their result with a full explanation of what their result means as well as official CDC guidelines on how to proceed. 

These results are then stored on both the web and native app, accessible via 'Past Results' on the home page.

DiaTrust Videos

Roles: Internal Creative Lead • Supervisor • Storyboarder • Script Writer.

Other Credits: 3D rendering, animating, and editing by Agency Null Object. Null Object creative lead: Hansol Jang.

There were two videos that we've released for the product. 

  1. Highlight Video: A video that captivatingly introduces the product to the viewers. 
  2. How to Use Video: A walk-through video showing viewers how to use the test.

After storyboarding, I wrote the script that verncularly described details, precautions, and the procedure of the product. Most importantly, I aimed to to deliver our branding tone of trustworthiness and encouraging the self to take control of one's own health. Once I casted the voice-over performer, I worked with them to ensure these points were delivered effectively and as intended. 



A clean and simple one-pager for distributors indicating that there are two boxes for the same product. 

It emphasizes that the components are the same and visually shows the only difference between the two boxes.

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DiaTrust™ Official Website

Roles: Website Wireframing • Product Supervisor

Other: Website design and copywriting by Null Object.

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